Cherry Blossom was an amazing performer for Outdoor Growth in Southern Oklahoma last year.

It is a fast grower and heavy yielder, perfect for those late Spring rains that keep you out of the field until June or July, while still allowing for a big harvest in Mid-Late October.  Cherry Blossom shows a high tolerance to Cold, Heat, Mold, Mildew & Pests with a very low sensitivity to light, meaning it won't burn easily and is quite Hardy in this region.

Our 2019 Southern Oklahoma outdoor field tested quite promising coming in at 19.17% CBD & the Total THC was tested to be under the 2019 Farm Bill level of .3%, coming in at just .18%.

Average Plant Size

4 feet Wide x 6-8 feet High

Terpene Profile

Pine, Orange, Hops



Total Cannibinoid Potential

16-22% CBD 

Typical yields

1-3 lbs per plant

Suggested Planting

1600-2500 Plants per Acre on Drip Irrigation

Up to 7500 Plants Per Acre on Center Pivot

As part of our goal to advocate for small farmers we wanted to go with a High Quality and Naturally Occurring Seed.  These Seeds are Regular Non Feminized Seeds and we ask that you farm under good faith practices and use proper sexing methods to weed out the males during the growth stages so as to not pollinate yours or your neighbor's fields. 

Seeds start as low as $.45/ seed or you can buy in small batches starting at just $50 MOQ.

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