High CBD Hemp Flower

Flower and prerolls are now available for wholesale, both prepackaged or available in bulk for you to white label!  Prerolls are 100% Flower.

They can also be found for retail at Arbuckle Outdoors, in Davis, OK

& at other fine retailers throughout the region.

Please feel free to visit our retail site at the link on the bottom of this page.  For Wholesale Inquiries Please Contact Us!  Arbuckle Organics looks forward to working with you!

All Hemp grown at Arbuckle Organics has been grown in accordance to the 2014 Farm Bill and has been certified compliant by the Oklahoma Dept of Food & Agriculture to be

under the legal limit of .3% Delta 9 THC

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Cat Lady

15.43% CBD

Charlotte's Wife

20.24 %CBD

Very High in Terpenes

Cherry Blossom

19.17% CBD

Cherry Wine

11.92% CBD

High in Terpenes

Otto Stout

21.03% CBD

High in Terpenes

Sweet Wife

16.17% CBD

Very High in Terpenes

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