Cherry Blossom Seeds

Cherry Blossom Seeds

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Oklahoma tried and true variety. Nearly every state that grows hemp, grows Cherry Blossom. This line has proven itself to handle the harshest conditions and longest flower cycles. This stablized boutique-quality CBD flower can be farmed by beginners and experts alike. Plant reaches 5ft – 7ft high by 4ft wide.  It possesses a pallete of extremely floral smothered in exotic overtones of candied cherry and blossoms. We suggest 1600-2000 plants per acre for early June field plantings and 3000 per acre for early July field plantings. When field planted in June and offered optimal conditions, 1-3 lbs of flower per plant is easily attainable. All of our varieties are non-GMO. This variety is non-femenized and packaged for small boutique farmers looking to get started up to large scale farming operations.  

10 Seeds: $50, 25 Seeds: $70, 50 Seeds: $85, 100 Seeds: $100, 500 Seeds: $275, 1000 Seeds: $500

Bulk seed orders available: 

2,500+ Seeds = $.45/seed

Please contact us for Bulk Seed Orders.

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